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Providing in-depth investigations and professional security services across Canada.
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Corporate Investigations

Evident provides investigative services to many corporations across Canada. Our specialization is in the protection of intellectual property, but we also provide many core services such as surveillance, internal theft and fraud investigations. In response to a growing desire by arbitrators and courts across the country, Evident also provides third-party human resource investigations… Read More

Personal Investigations

We also work with individuals who face difficult situations in life. This can range from someone unjustly accused of a crime, who need an independent investigation conducted to discover evidence that will prove their innocence, to custody cases involving allegations of unsafe environments or abuse.From time-to-time, Evident is approached by people who need our help but cannot… Read More


Often visual evidence of alleged activity is the best proof of an allegation, or of wrong-doing, but surveillance is a very restricted activity. Evident has developed a protocol that will help companies and individuals determine whether surveillance is an appropriate tool to be used, or at what point it could be utilized. Courts and arbiters in Canada have increasingly ruled that surveillance should not be carried out (as it is a significant… Read More

Security “Actual”

For “general” security needs Evident refers clients to our sister company Redeye Security Services who provides standard level security services. For those clients who require a much higher standard of service as it relates to their security needs, Evident has developed “Security Actual” – a security service staffed by highly trained and competent security service professionals. Many of these staff are retired police officers with specialized… Read More

Labour Dispute Management

If you are contemplating a possible labour disruption or find yourself within one, contact Evident today. We can help! Evident has over 30 years’ experience assisting companies with labour disruptions, both strikes and lock-outs. In addition to our un-matched experience, Evident has developed specialized expertise that allows companies and their legal teams to quickly and… Read More

Drug Testing

Certain laws in Canada have been at odds with each other over the past 20 years. Occupational Health & Safety laws have required employers to maintain a safe workplace, free from a variety of hazards, including impaired people. But Human Rights legislation has prohibited employers from random drug and alcohol testing in an effort to protect people’s privacy and human rights. Both are admirable goals, but it is clear that they… Read More

Human Resource Investigations

Increasingly the courts in Canada have determined that when an investigation is required in a workplace, especially around incidents of a sensitive matter (e.g. sexual harassment, racial discrimination, etc.), it is highly advised that a neutral third-party investigator be used. Evident provides experienced and knowledgeable investigators that fulfill the need for complete impartiality… Read More


Evident invests much time and money each year in the professional development of our staff in order to provide the very best in service. We now offer certain type of training to the general public. Our current offerings are:

    • Saskatchewan Security Guard Training
    • Evident Enhanced Security Guard Training
Read More

Facility Security Assessments

One of the best ways to protect your business is by carrying out regular assessments of the security arrangements that you have around your business or facility. Evident provides facility security assessments that can range in depth from a comprehensive analysis that examines everything from door locks to invoicing. We also provide in-depth from a comprehensive… Read More

Bailiff Services

EVIDENT provides professional fully-insured and bonded bailiff services to financial institutions, leasing companies and commercial landlords. Specializing in rural vehicle recovery throughout Saskatchewan’s north, Evident’s bailiffs have developed a strong network of contacts that enable us to quickly and efficiently locate assets and recover them for our clients. In line with our Corporate Philosophy our Bailiffs… Read More

Security Consulting Services

EVIDENT is often called upon by clients to advise them on security-related issues. From camera system recommendations to comprehensive facility security assessments (FSA), EVIDENT has the experience and expertise to provide advice on how best to proceed to overcome, or pro-actively avoid, security-related problems. Adapting security provisions to comply with various provincial, federal… Read More

What do we actually do?

At Evident, we work closely with you to solve your problems. Whatever those problems may be. We help you to, … Discover the Truth!
Evident operates according to a set of fundamental principles:

  • We seek to serve.
  • We seek to Discover the Truth.
  • We govern all of our advice and activities according to the current state of the law in Canada.
  • We provide excellent value.
Basically what this means is that we stay current, and we will turn work down as opposed to carrying out activities that would not be to the benefit of our client. For an example of this please see our information on surveillance. We want to help, and we want to be effective. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we believe that our excellence will reward our clients.
We have built a unique work-place where our shortest-serving member of our team has been here eight years (the longest three have been here 15 years). Our work environment creates a place where we all “get” to do what we love, and that translates to a desire to serve our clients in the best way possible.
We govern all our activities by our privacy policy.

Based in Saskatoon with investigators located across Canada.

Our Story

Evident: Corporate Investigations is a Saskatchewan-based private investigations firm with over 35 years operating experience in the province and across Canada. Evident provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with professional investigative and security services, aimed at solving problems in an efficient manner.
Evident couples experience with a strong service orientation. Understanding the security and legal needs of corporate clients, and recognizing the fact that public protective services are not able to offer all required services, Evident dedicates itself to meeting the needs of clients and providing outstanding service in this specialized and unique industry.

The impartiality of an independent investigation is what lends credibility to the process for both sides.

Our people

The Evident staff makes up a team of individuals with distinct talents. Given the nature of the investigation business, we’re often involved in undercover investigations, court testimony and other sensitive practices that make identifying all our people impossible.
But suffice it to say, we are really friendly, really helpful… and we love our job.

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Our Work

Here are some real stories of the work we do

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