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Evident offers cyber security services in Canada that are designed to protect your organization from digital dangers that lurk in the shadows of the internet. Our approach combines expert knowledge, transparent education and proactive strategies to defend and empower your business in the face of threats.

Fortifying Your Business Against Online Threats

The largest and most pervasive threats that businesses face these days are related to the issue of cyber security. With attacks ranging from Phishing scams to ransomware to full-on hacking attacks, access to your company’s digital data is the new frontier and things are not friendly.

Evident conducts post-attack investigations to determine how an attack occurred and therefore how best to defend against such an attack in the future. We also provide proactive training for small to medium-sized businesses on how best to avoid becoming a victim of any type of cyber-attack.

Post-Attack Investigations

In the aftermath of a cyber attack, understanding the how and why becomes as crucial as your team’s immediate response. Evident’s post-attack investigation services delve deep into the digital footprints left behind, employing a forensic approach to unravel the details of the breach. 

Our team of experts with decades of experience analyzes attack vectors, identifies exploited vulnerabilities, and uncover the sequence of events leading to the breach. Our comprehensive investigation pinpoints the source and method of the attack and plays a pivotal role in fortifying your defences against future threats.


CyberLoc is our preventative program of cyber security services in Canada where we conduct in-person, proactive training sessions for small to medium-sized businesses on how best to avoid becoming a victim of a cyber-attack. CyberLoc aims to provide protection from attack by protecting your most vulnerable asset, your people. Social engineering starts with phishing attacks or phone calls, so knowing what to expect is your first line of defence. Here’s how it works:

  1. Annual Full Day of Training: is an approach that begins with an annual full day of training on the most pertinent current threats to your business and how best to identify them before falling victim to an attack. 
  2. Weekly Threat Updates: The cyber landscape is in constantly shifting, with new threats emerging constantly. CyberLoc keeps your business one step ahead with weekly updates and insights into the latest threats and how to effectively counteract them.
  3. Daily Security Reminders: Building secure habits is essential in maintaining a strong defence. CyberLoc reinforces this through daily reminders making the best practices in digital security second nature to you and your team.

Benefits of CyberLoc

In modern online business, the best defence is a proactive, informed, and adaptive offence. Reimagine your organization’s protocols with Evident’s cyber security services in Canada and CyberLoc.

  • Resilience: By focusing on pre-emptive measures and continuous education, CyberLoc empowers businesses not only to withstand but also to anticipate and neutralize cyber threats before they can cause harm.
  • Awareness: Beyond technical defences, CyberLoc nurtures a culture of cybersecurity awareness within your organization, making security a collective responsibility.
  • Adaptability: Our annual training and weekly and daily updates keep your cybersecurity strategies evolving as quickly as the threats you encounter for long-term, adaptable defence.
  • Risk Reduction: Proactive defence and an educated workforce significantly reduce the risk of successful cyber attacks, minimizing potential downtime and associated costs.

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Redefine your business’s defences with Evident’s cyber security services in Canada. Our expert solutions empower your organization to proactively safeguard your data against digital threats. Contact our team today to learn how Evident can mitigate your risk of a cyber-attack.


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Cyber Security & CyberLoc FAQs

Discover more about how Evident can transform your cybersecurity procedures. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

The training focuses on identifying and prioritizing current cyber threats, teaching your team how to effectively defend against them with practical strategies and real-world examples.

You likely already possess the necessary tools; our training emphasizes critical thinking and behavioural changes to avoid cyber security threats in the first place over purchasing new technologies.

The CyberLoc program is unique because of its in-person education and training sessions and comprehensive approach, combining learning and awareness with ongoing support and updates.