Fortifying Your Business Against Cyber Threats

One of the largest and most pervasive threats that businesses face these days, are those that emanate from the realm of CyberSecurity. Attacks ranging from Phishing scams to ransomware to full-on hacking attacks, access to digital data is the new frontier and things are not friendly. Evident conducts post-attack investigations to determine how an attack occurred and therefore how best to defend against such an attack in the future. We also provide pro-active training for small to medium-sized businesses on how best to avoid becoming a victim of any type of cyber-attack.

Our CyberLoc program is an approach that begins with an annual full-day of training of what the current threats are and how best to identify them before falling victim to an attack. Followed up with weekly warnings of current threats, and daily reminders of good digital habits, CyberLoc aims to provide protection from attack by protecting your most vulnerable asset, your people. Social engineering starts with phishing attacks or phone calls, so knowing what to expect is your first line of defense.

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