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Specialized Security Solutions

Modern labour challenges in Canada demand an unparalleled level of labour dispute and strike security expertise to successfully navigate. At Evident: Labour, we redefine how these issues are approached, offering specialized security solutions focusing on comprehensive evidence collection for tangible results. 

We are

More Than a Security Company

At Evident, our team incorporates detailed evidence collection and analysis into our comprehensive labour dispute and strike security services in Canada. Our effectiveness is defined by our thoughtful planning and the expertise of our team, which includes seasoned professionals with extensive experience in law enforcement and surveillance.

Following our pro-active and meticulous planning, we leverage the expertise of our staff and the latest technology to deliver effective solutions tailored to each of our clients needs.  Our professional and expert-driven strategies provide unparalleled support to safeguard the operations of your business.

What sets us apart

The Evident Difference

Expertise and evidence are the cornerstones of our services in Canada. Our approach is not just about providing security; it’s about gathering detailed and organized evidence to support our clients.

Comprehensive Support

With detailed, thoughtful planning, well-organized and trained security and peerless evidence collection, we can provide support to our clients before, during and after labour disputes for the backing they need to navigate complex issues.

Decades of Experience

Since 1980, we’ve been at the forefront of managing and addressing complex labour issues in Canada. With decades of experience in major crime investigations, our team brings an unmatched level of scrutiny and professionalism to strike security.

Efficient and Effective

Our track record speaks for itself. We set industry standards by demonstrating our capability to expertly handle sensitive situations and provide favourable outcomes for our clients with minimal disruption and maximum efficacy.

Our Specialized Security Services

Evident offers a comprehensive range of labour dispute and strike security services in Canada to address
the unique challenges of modern businesses.

Labour Disruption Contingency Planning

Resilience and stability in dealing with the unexpected is crucial in today’s business environment. Our contingency planning services help your business anticipate and respond to potential crises.

Labour Dispute Management

We offer end-to-end services to manage labour disruptions effectively. Our approach includes preparation, active management, and resolution, helping maintain business continuity even in tumultuous times.

Strike Security

Our strike security services ensure your operations remain protected and uninterrupted. By implementing strategic security measures, we safeguard personnel and assets while maintaining peace and order on your premises.


With cyber threats on the rise, our services are designed to protect your business from digital attacks. From post-attack analysis to proactive training and our CyberLoc program, we’re here to strengthen your defences against cyber threats.

Surveillance Solutions

Our legally compliant surveillance services are crucial for verifying the legality and legitimacy of disability claims, strike tactics, and more. Using discretion and adherence to legal standards, we provide evidence that supports factual conclusions in arbitrations.

Intellectual Property Investigations

Specializing in the agricultural sector, we protect intellectual property through deterrence, investigations and litigation, helping safeguard your investments and innovations.

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