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Labour disputes can put your operations and assets at risk. Evident: Labour provides a robust suite of strike and lockout security services in Canada to ensure minimal disruption to your business. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each unique scenario, our team’s vigilant, comprehensive security measures protect your interests and foster a stable environment for everyone involved.

Comprehensive Strike Security Services

At the heart of our strike and lockout security services in Canada is the deployment of experienced personnel to collect evidence. Evident: Labour deploys uniformed picket line investigators, with extensive law enforcement backgrounds, to meticulously document all picket line activities. Evidence of all activities and behaviour is meticulously documented. Our approach is comprehensive:

  • Security and Order: Our vigilant oversight preserves orderly conduct on the picket lines, upholding the rule of law and facilitating the continuation of necessary operations.
  • Evidence Collection: By continually observing and recording all activity at the picket lines, we ensure that every moment is captured, providing a transparent account of events as they unfold.
  • Engagement: Our teams are not just observers; they engage with people, fostering clear and positive communication, and always remain compliant with legal standards regarding the conduct.
  • Information Flow: Real-time transmission of critical information is vital. Our picket line investigators are adept at providing timely updates to the legal team for fast and effective support from the Courts.

Technology-Driven Approach

Evident’s innovative use of technology in strike and lockout security sets us apart. Our proprietary suite of applications, DataCrypt, supports our operational framework by securing and streamlining data management:

  • PATRIOT: An encrypted system ensures that incident reports from the field are immediately available for analysis.
  • POST: Tracking picket line data, our software captures all activity at each picket line, offering chronological, detailed reporting.
  • HOLD: With a focus on vehicle hold times, this tool allows for an accurate, legal account of delays, a critical data point for legal proceedings.
  • SPOT: Our database for involved vehicles helps track and identify patterns and people, assisting in the strategic management of disruptions.
  • PASSPORT: As a database for identifying involved individuals, this system is essential when incidents necessitate a deeper analysis of participants.

The Importance of Information

Reliable and accurate evidence and other data are the cornerstones of Evident’s service offerings and are of paramount importance to companies during labour disputes for several reasons:

  • Legal and Compliance Obligations: Accurate evidence ensures that companies can support their claims made to the Courts and substantiate the activities and behaviours of picketers and their supporters.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Reliable data allows companies to make informed decisions rapidly, whether it’s re-allocating resources or adjusting strategies.
  • Risk Mitigation: Accurate records of events and interactions can provide protection from false allegations. 
  • Operational Continuity: Accurate data regarding picket line activities enable corporations to continue operations in challenging environments.
  • Reputation Management: Reliable data helps companies maintain their reputation during disputes by ensuring all actions taken are justifiable and transparent.

Why Choose Evident: Labour

Evident’s strike and lockout security services in Canada are built on a decades-long foundation of seasoned expertise, modern technology, and a strategic, proactive approach to conflict management:

Expertise and Experience

Our teams combine law enforcement experience with specialized training in labour dispute management.

Legal Compliance

We maintain rigorous standards to ensure all activities are within legal boundaries, safeguarding your interests.

Advanced Technology

We use DataCrypt, Evident’s proprietary tools, to streamline data collection and enhance the accuracy and reliability of information.

Clear Communication

Our commitment to transparency helps maintain positive relations and reduce tensions during labour disputes.

Safety First

We prioritize the well-being of everyone involved, implementing strategies that prevent escalation.

Adherence to Laws

Our operations are designed to meet and exceed legal requirements, providing a trustworthy service in times of uncertainty.

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Strike & Lockout Security FAQs

Evident’s services go beyond traditional strike security. The section below will help clarify how our team can help your organization.

Evident begins by developing a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan that is enacted should a strike or lockout occur.  Evident’s strike team is then placed at each picket line to observe, document and record all activity and behaviour.

Evident collects relevant evidence of picket line behaviour or activities that are not considered a part of legal picketing.  The lawyers or legal team can use that evidence to support claims of illegal picket behaviour to the Courts.

Companies need to give deep consideration as to who will be testifying on their behalf should an application be made to a court.  Evident uses retired Police investigators with decades of experience in Major Crimes investigations.