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Your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. Evident: Labour specializes in intellectual property investigations in Canada, helping businesses protect their unique innovations and valuable investments. Specializing in the agricultural sector, our expert team provides comprehensive services, from deterrence to investigation, to safeguard your competitive edge and provide valuable evidence should your case enter litigation.

Evident’s Approach to Intellectual Property Investigations in Canada

Evident’s Approach to Intellectual Property Investigations in Canada

Evident’s approach to intellectual property investigations and labour dispute management is comprehensive and professional. We focus on deterrence, investigations, and evidence collection to address a range of IP challenges. Our team, with decades of experience in major crime investigations across the county, lends their expertise to every case for outcomes that align with the needs of our clients.

Specialized Agricultural Sector IP Investigations

Evident’s expertise was built upon investigations in the agricultural sector, where intellectual property issues can be particularly challenging. From unauthorized seed propagation to counterfeit products, we address specific threats unique to the industry. Our deep understanding of the sector allows us to provide tailored solutions to protect your agricultural innovations.

Proactive Deterrence and Protection

Deterring intellectual property theft is a key aspect of Evident’s services. We work with businesses to implement proactive measures, strategies and patent-based deterrence programs that safeguard IP before issues arise.

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Thorough investigations and evidence gathering are essential when IP violations occur. Evident’s investigative services and surveillance solutions are designed to uncover and document infringements. Our process sets the standard in our industry and delivers the necessary proof to take action.

Evidence Supports Litigation

Our intellectual property investigations produce robust evidence that significantly strengthens cases in IP-related litigation. The evidence gathered equips clients and their legal teams with the crucial information needed to enforce IP rights and ground legal proceedings in solid, factual data.

Why Choose Evident?

Evident’s intellectual property investigation services in Canada are rooted in a deep understanding of the complexities of IP protection. Learn more about us and our decades-long track record of excellence:

Expertise and Experience

Our team brings decades of expertise in intellectual property protection and is experienced in handling sensitive IP matters.

Customized Solutions

We provide tailored investigative strategies that align with the specific needs of your industry and your organization’s particular IP challenges.

Comprehensive Support

Evident offers a holistic take on IP protection from initial risk assessment and deterrence programs to evidence supporting litigation.

Proactive Risk Management

Our approach includes proactive measures to deter IP theft and infringement before they occur.

Ongoing Communication and Adaptability

We maintain a continuous dialogue with our clients and adapt our strategies as needed to protect against emerging threats.

Ethical and Compliant Practices

We adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. Our investigations are conducted with expertise and integrity.

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Protect your most valuable assets with Evident’s intellectual property investigations. Our specialized team is ready to develop a comprehensive strategy to safeguard your innovations and enforce your IP rights.

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Intellectual Property Investigation FAQs

Learn more about how Evident can protect your intellectual property. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about our IP investigation services.

In one word, experience. Evident has been carrying out hundreds of intellectual property investigations annually since 1996. Our team is highly experienced, nuanced and professional.

Our experience and expertise developed in the agricultural sector, but quickly moved into technology and a variety of industries.  Trademark infringement investigations, copyright protection and replica merchandise investigations are all areas of intellectual property that Evident has had great success in.

Our primary focus has always been on deterrence and we have designed, built and implemented a variety of deterrent programs for our clients.  It is always less costly to prevent a theft than it is to investigate one, so deterrence has always been our focus.  But we have also had terrific success with undercover investigations.  Call today to discuss what the best approach would be for you.