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Evident has been providing employers with labour dispute management services in Canada since 1980 and has developed the most comprehensive capabilities in the industry.  A labour disruption can become an existential threat to any business, and as such, needs to be managed with professional care.  

Our Labour Dispute Management Services

Unionized employees are often the heart of a business and critical to success, but sometimes they can be led astray. In today’s labour-friendly environment, demands may exceed what even the strongest corporations are capable of providing.

Evident provides services across the labour disruption spectrum, from pre-planning to post-incident testimony. Call us today to discuss how we can help you prepare for a labour disruption at your place of business. 

Pre-Planning and Risk Assessment

Our approach begins before a labour disruption arises. Through detailed risk assessments and strategic pre-planning, we prepare businesses to handle potential disputes effectively.

Real-Time Management of Disputes

When disputes occur, our real-time management services ensure minimal disruption to your business. We apply our extensive experience to manage the situation effectively for a swift and favourable resolution.

Evidence Collection

During a labour disruption it is critical that extensive documentation occur to create a comprehensive and detailed record of all picket activity. In the event of illegal activities or behaviour, evidence of such becomes necessary for the legal team to seek assistance from the courts. Evident uses proprietary technology to collect, manage, store and distribute evidence in a timely fashion. Evident employs retired Police Major Crimes investigators to staff its picket lines.

Post-Incident Debriefing

After a labour dispute, we offer post-incident debriefing built upon our peerless evidence-collection practices. Our team helps our clients get results through a thorough understanding of investigative techniques, evidence collection and legal standards, and can provide testimony on their behalf during a labour disruption.

Why Choose Evident

Choose Evident’s labour dispute management services in Canada and partner with a leader in the field, renowned for our meticulous approach and comprehensive understanding of labour relations. 

Decades of Experience

Our long-standing history in the industry has equipped us with unparalleled expertise in managing labour disputes across various sectors.

Proprietary Methodologies

At Evident, we bring technologies and methods that we have created to solve specific problems that our clients face during labour disruptions. Our “Data Crypt” technology suite provides precise and immediate data points to our clients and their lawyers.

Advanced Evidence Collection

Central to our approach is a sophisticated evidence collection process, ensuring all activities at each picket line is thoroughly documented. This ensures that every decision, recommendation and result is grounded in solid, verifiable facts.

Expert Team

Our specialists, including retired Major Crimes Police investigators, bring a depth of knowledge, years of experience and a practical, insightful approach to each case.

Respect for the Process

Evident respects the laws that permit labour disruptions and recognizes that unionized employees have a right to withdraw their labour, a right to assemble and a right to communicate. Evident also recognizes that companies have a right to negotiate, a right to operate and a right to be protected by the rule of law.

Contact Us Today to Manage Your Labour Dispute

Minimizing the level of disruption to your business during a labour disruption is essential for maintaining operations and protecting your business’s future. With Evident’s labour dispute management services in Canada, you can navigate these challenges confidently. Contact us today to learn how our services can be tailored to your business’s specific needs. Whether you’re seeking to prepare for potential disputes or need assistance managing an ongoing situation, our team is ready to help.


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Labour Dispute Management FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions that provide further insights into our labour dispute management services in Canada.

Evident provides assistance to any corporation with a unionized workplace.  While not industry specific, we have worked in mining, various industrial organizations, oil and gas, agriculture, hospitality and other areas where a unionized workforce has taken a company out on strike.   Evident offers tailored solutions to each sector’s unique challenges.

This is entirely dependent upon how long a labour dispute lasts, and that can be measured in days, weeks or even months.  The duration can vary based on the complexity of the dispute and the willingness of parties to reach a resolution. Our goal at Evident is to position our clients in the strongest bargaining position possible by permitting them to conduct their business in an “as-close-to-normal” fashion as possible.

Any company faced with a possible disruption of its’ labour force must develop a contingency plan so as to be capable of continuing operations in the event of a walkout.  This plan must accept the fact that there will be an active body that is trying to disrupt any continuing operations. Evident, through its vast experience, can anticipate union activity and develop a plan that will minimize the effectiveness of union tactics.  With a detailed plan in place, companies can easily respond to union activities in order to maintain company operations. Development of this contingency plan involves site assessments, focus groups and recognition of all potential vulnerabilities.

Every labour dispute sees picket lines being established by the unionized workforce in order to demonstrate and communicate.  When left unattended such picket lines can devolve into chaos which in turn hurts corporate reputations as well as operational capability.  Evident minimizes this possibility by attending each picket line and continuously interacting with and observing the picket line.  Proprietary processes enable Evident to maintain calm at each picket line.