Contingent Labour
Services Canada

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to quickly adapt to labour disruptions is crucial for maintaining operational continuity and minimizing productivity losses. Evident’s contingent labour services in Canada help to mitigate the impacts of any work stoppage by helping companies find critical staff so that your business can remain resilient and robust even in the face of uncertainty.

Specialized Services Offered by Evident

Evident’s contingent labour services in Canada are comprehensive and encompass so much more than just basic planning. Our team can make arrangements to provide:

  • – Transportation Logistics: Secure and reliable transport solutions for staff and materials, ensuring that your operations continue as smoothly as possible.
  • – Specialized Occupations Support: Access to highly trained, specialized personnel, including Power Engineers or Hoist Operators to maintain critical infrastructure.

Why Choose Evident: Labour

Choosing Evident’s contingent labour services in Canada connects you with a proven leader in managing labour disruptions effectively with an irreproachable track record.

Expertise and Experience

Decades of specialized experience in labour disruption management across various industries.

Customized Solutions

Tailored plans designed to meet the unique operational needs of your business.

Comprehensive Support

Full-spectrum services from risk assessment to personnel deployment to cover all aspects of your labour contingency needs.

Proactive Risk Management

Forward-thinking, outside-of-the-box strategies to anticipate and mitigate disruptions before they impact your business.

Ongoing Communication and Adaptability

Responsive and flexible service adjustments for continued effectiveness in evolving situations.

Ethical and Compliant Practices

Strict adherence to legal and ethical standards protects your business during and after labour disputes.

Contact Evident for Contingent Labour Services in Canada

Prepare for the unexpected and safeguard your operations against labour disruptions with Evident’s contingent labour services. Our expert team is ready to tailor a comprehensive contingency plan that fits your unique needs, ensuring minimal impact and maximum resilience. Contact Evident today to secure robust protection for your business and maintain continuity no matter the challenge.


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Contingent Labour Services FAQs

Here are some of the questions we are most commonly asked about our contingent labour services.

Yes. Evident can make arrangements for the safe transportation of all workers who need to cross the picket line.  This includes small groups in SUV’s or vans all the way up to the use of highway coaches capable of transporting up to 55 people on one bus.

Evident can provide people to staff many types of specialty occupations, but because that is so broad, Evident works with talent acquisition agencies to fulfill certain types.

Yes, because Power Engineers are often legally required in many manufacturing, mining and industrial businesses, Evident can help provide temporary Power Engineers for the duration of a labour dispute.